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Queen Mary calls at Limassol Port

02 May 2017



Limassol, Cyprus, 2nd May 2017: The Queen Mary 2, one of the largest cruise ships in the world, arrived into DP World Limassol port on Friday 28th April 2017 for a one day transit call. The ocean liner berthed for the day, giving many of its 2,500 passengers a chance to enjoy sights ashore. Passengers boarded 50 buses from the passenger terminal to visit attractions including Kolossi, Kourion, Paphos, Omodhos and Nicosia, whilst others explored Limassol.

The giant cruise ship with a length of 345 meters departed Limassol at 17:00 continuing its journey along the Mediterranean.

Charles Meaby, General Manager, DP World Limassol, said: "It was a privilege to service the Queen Mary 2. The team at DP World Limassol provided excellent operational and customer services to ensure passengers moved through the terminal with ease and efficiency. We take pride in our approach and constantly engage with our customers to ensure we understand their requirements”.

Mr. Meaby, continued, "DP World’s multi-purpose terminal at Limassol port is well positioned to effectively handle the diverse size and scale of operations that our clients require”.


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About DP World


DP World[1] is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.


We have a portfolio of 78 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in over 40 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets. We aim to be essential to the bright future of global trade, ensuring everything we do has a long-lasting positive impact on economies and society.


Our dedicated team of over 36,500 employees from 103 countries cultivates long-standing relationships with governments, shipping lines, importers and exporters, communities, and many other important constituents of the global supply chain, to add value and provide quality services today and tomorrow.


Container handling is the company’s core business and generates more than three quarters of its revenue. In 2016, DP World handled around 64 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) across our portfolio. With its committed pipeline of developments and expansions, the current gross capacity of 84.6 million TEU is expected to rise to more than 100 million TEU by 2020, in line with market demand.


By thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovating we aim to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions globally.


About DP World Limassol

In April 2016, DP World Limassol was awarded an exclusive 25-year concession to operate the multi-purpose terminal in Limassol. At the same time, P&O Maritime – a DP World subsidiary – was awarded an exclusive 15-year concession to provide the Port of Limassol’s full range of marine services.

The terminal's various activities are divided among three multi-purpose quays. These activities include break-bulk, general cargo, ro-ro and oil and gas services, in addition to the array of services involved in operating Limassol’s brand-new passenger terminal. DP World Limassol also provides a stable, secure and responsibly organised environment for this major transit hub, through which cargo passes to and from destinations spread across the eastern Mediterranean.

As is the case in all locations where DP World operates, DP World Limassol forms an integral part of the local community and employs a growing workforce, regularly generating new job opportunities.



[1] As of March 2017