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Dear Port Partner/Stakeholder,

At DP World we are very optimistic and looking forward to presume our responsibilities at the Limassol Port towards our clients, associates and colleagues. We are privileged to be involved in bringing in the new changes for the great Port of Limassol, Cyprus.

Our strategy with Limassol port is to make the terminal more productive and more sustainable. This strategy will mean better prospects for the long term future of the port, which will provide better support to the community through jobs creation and better services for the wider Cypriot business community.

Not only are we investing financially into the port but we have also invested some of our greatest talent in the management and operations of the business.

I am sure we can all agree that any transitional period will have its challenges and therefore we will all need to pull together, for us it's safety and customer service first.

We would like to wish you a Safe, Healthy Successful Year ahead.


Kind regards

Charles Meaby 

General Manager Of DP World Limassol